Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girly Girl Camp

These are some left-over edits from the summer. I was allowed access to Star Education's summer 'Everything Girly' camp in July of 2009, for the purpose of documentation by Star. It was the most bizarrely intimate experience of an intensely feminine environment, or at least the things that our society deems 'feminine.' Young girls, ages 5 - 11, were attending a three week camp in which they, gave make-overs, created personalized stationary, bedazzled jeans & camp shirts, designed personalized clothing and accessories, made feather boa picture frames, created jewelry, baked, knit, scrap booked, and made friends with other girls. All of the little girls were extremely friendly, open and remarkably confident as far as meeting a stranger and taking photos went. These are some of the images I shot during the 'make your own dress for a girly girl fashion show' day. It was a fascinating adventure.

Friday, November 6, 2009