Wednesday, March 12, 2008

City of Angels


peter said...

this last one's beautiful.
hope l.a. and lauren are treating you well ...

*$toph said...

je t'amelia~

jellyfish might be the most brain soup lust shot of the site here to date. don't usually enjoy landscapes and pretty pictures, finding them to generally be a distracting delusion... but your graceful ability to make colour just lustrously zing and sing, and y'r knowing playful surrender to the Sublime win even us bitter hearted curmudgeons in vitro over.

titles elicit tittles too. feel lots the loss your wayward way with words would allow us to get lost reverently.

and 'je nes cest pas un catholic (sp?)' could make even this man find religion.

mainlined this blogspot in a night, and still left wanting. once moore into the breach. w'll stay tuned.