Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sat Sri Akal



I had the pleasure of shooting a wonderfully kind and welcoming Sikh family this week.  They wanted to have family photos taken in front of their home before their son left for his first semester of boarding school in India this fall.

They will be attending the funeral services at Oak Creek High School tomorrow along with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Attorney General Eric Holder and thousands of other mourners/supporters from all over the world.  While I will not be able to attend I wish to send good tidings and positive energy to the people that will gather in Wisconsin on Friday.

I am encouraged that when one madman displays such ugliness and callous thought towards humanity and peaceful worship thousands more people respond with love, respect, and positivity.

"Grief shared is grief halved," said Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal, a spokesperson for the Sikh community in Milwaukee, referring to the dozens of vigils for the victims held throughout the nation this week.

"It restores our faith in humanity. We are overwhelmed by the response," he added.

Sat Sri Akal is a greeting in the punjabi language used mostly by the followers of the Sikh religion. sat means truth, sri is an honorific word and Akaal (or Akal) means the timeless being, God.

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