Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kiki and Kenna's Magical Fossilized Droolry

These photos are a collaboration by myself, Jeremy Hayes, Kim Shay, and Matthew Ancer. 

This set of images is a thank you to Kiki and Kenna two fantastically whimsical hawaiian sunshine muses who make jaw dropping jewelry (droolry by my opinion) in Venice, Ca and through some miraculous turn of events are also my very dear friends.
For my birthday this month my Pineapple Princess, Kenna, helped me adopt this beautiful fossilized mollusk shell complemented by topaz stones (my birth stones) strung along a beautiful long chain necklace.
After I purchased this wonder of science and art I was given raffle tickets to throw in on their 1st Year Anniversary raffle... Lo and behold, I won this Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals necklace which somehow worked seamlessly with the other necklace. Luck of the Irish, and Birthday Magic, thank you for your help.

To view more of their work you can either visit their Venice Beach storefront at 100 Market St, Suite B, Venice, Ca 90291 or their online store at

Thank you for the magical treasures from your imaginarium, Kiki and Kenna.


Melissa said...

Lovely images. I especially like the necklace draped over the back in the first picture.

<3 Melissa

Amelia Once Moore said...

Thanks, Melissa. I adore wearing necklaces backwards.