Thursday, February 16, 2012

night time

little Emily's house

San Ignacio at night

a ring around the moon

Midas' guard dog at night, San Ignacio

Tomas' motorcycle

Jose, my night guard, who patrolled the paths outside strangers bedrooms silently, with a machete in hand, to protect us from the wild creatures of the night in the jungle while we slept peacefully to the rhythm of tree frog lullabies...
He was a very nice man, patient with my long exposures.

Tomas, my friend, who taught me to how to spot spiders and hypnotize tarantulas with broken sticks.

late night in caye caulker, a tiny magical island devoid of cars.

Caye Caulker's cemetery nestled into a slightly overgrown very quiet side of the island.

empty lobster cages on the docks at night

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