Friday, February 24, 2012

Sweet Thieves

When we were driving back from the cave on a long, and bumpy dirt road along the citrus fields, our van was blocked from passing by a big crate of freshly picked oranges. There was not an orange picker or truck in sight to move the crate, which made Juan Carlos, the local from San Ignacio, immediately flip out, and he jumped out of our van, grabbed the empty cooler in the trunk and ran over to the crate of oranges grabbing them up, like a little boy in a candy store, and filling up the cooler.
'Hurry up! Hurry up! Grab some oranges. ' he yelled

'But Carlos, don't they need their oranges?' someone replied

'There are plenty for everyone in Belize. Besides, who could resist being a sweet thief?!' he said as sticky orange juices ran down his fingers, and he licked them off.

Here it is, a confession, we are sweet thieves.

After that we all moved on to one side of the van to balance out the weight and the brave driver daringly dropped lopsidedly on the far shoulder of the road to circumvent the orange crate. We ran into a big truck headed back for the oranges about 20 minutes down the road. Juan Carlos smiled and waved, as is the custom, when passing another driver on a bumpy dirt road in the country.

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